We at RSF Soft are a favourite among our clients when it comes to making Social Media Marketing Strategy. Many of clients started with us when they were operating on smaller scale business. After working with many of them for the last seven years, we are proud about the fact that many of our clients have grown to become a large scale business now and they dedicate much of the credit to our social media marketing agency to help them grow.

If you’re struggling with getting discovered on social media or finding it difficult to continuously come up with engagingly unique content for your social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and others; then you can work with us, and we’ll help you create a content strategy that will turbo boost your business.

Why do you need a social media marketing strategy?

The question can be divided into two sections: First) How is your business performing currently, Second) Where do you want it to be in the next few months or years.


It is no concealed fact that if your business is operating online (which it is), then there are more than hundreds or even thousands of other similar companies competing with you to secure the largest market share in your particular niche. No matter how reliable, viable and affordable, your product or service is: if people aren’t discovering it or talking about it, the chances are that your business will not grow as it deserves to be. What you need is a social media consultant to help you get discovered across these platforms.


If you want your business to become massive in the next few months or years to come; you’ll need to work hard as well as smart. While working hard means working on your products/services, keep improving them, ensure higher quality… working smart, on the other hand, means that you’ll need to hire a social media marketing agency like us to support you and share a large chunk of the work with you (i.e. to grow your online presence).

How do we help you?

Discussed below are some of the significant steps that we undertake during the creation of our Social Media Marketing Strategy for your business.

Social media audit

Before starting to create a social media marketing or campaign for you, we need to analyse how your business and website is currently performing across the major social media platforms. That is if you have already set-up your business profiles on media.

In case you don’t have any business profile across these platforms – our social media marketing consultants will make top-notch business profiles for you. That way, you can start with the right approach. In case you already have patterns. We’ll analyse if it is optimised for the right niche, audience, and if the content available is engaging and reliable enough for your audience to draw attention towards to. After this analysis, we use the extracted data to create our strategy for your business.

Social media tonality

It is vital to set the right voice and tonality for your business across social media platforms. We start by measuring your niche, audience and your competitors. Our social media marketing agency  or SEO Agency needs to know what your audience is like and what kind of tonality will they like regarding your business. Once we have come up with the right type of voice idea; we go on to designing or modifying (in case profiles are already created) your business profiles to sound more like your audience. It will help to show them that you care about their problems and that you’re striving to bring them solutions.

Social media Demographics

But how to choose the right kind of audience for your business profiles? You may think. Our social media consultant or Digital Marketing Consultant want the correct type of attendance based on the demographics. These demographics can include age groups, locality, profession, likes and dislikes, budget, and many other aspects.

Once our social media marketing companies or SEO Marketing have collected enough data by setting the right demographics; we’ll go on to reach these people with our high-quality content. Once these people show that they are the ideal audience for your product or service; we then post content according to their likes and dislikes. The content should be such as to help your prospects and not confuse them anymore. That is where we utilise the talent of our creative content writers.

Social media strategy

We then proceed to utilise the talent of our brilliant content writers. Our content writers have been chosen precisely, and they always ensure that they are producing high-quality content for our clients. It is no hidden fact that content is king in today’s marketplace (online).

If the content seems weak or not useful enough: your audience will mostly decide to pass on your business. This is why you need an expert social media marketing agency or SEO Cardiff to create engaging, compelling and useful content for your business.

We produce this content in many forms: infographics, blogs, articles, posts, exclusive offers and descriptions, frequently asked questions and much more. We come up with a unique proposal for your business (based on our discussions with you), and then we find our content around this unique perspective. We always think about the convenience of our customers (YOU) and yours (the audience).

Social media links

No business’s social media marketing strategy or Brighton SEO can’t be utterly potent without building high-quality relationships that lead back to the source – your website. When you make business profiles, select the group of the interested audience, post ravishing content – what you need to do next is to give them a way to track you back.

It can’t be possible without building links to your profiles and other communities where your content is being posted, and the audience is feeling the need to discover more about you. We place high-quality links on these profiles and cities and when your audience needs to follow back to you: they can click on those links and Voila! They’ll be browsing through your website. For further Assistance Please contact us.

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