Terms and Conditions

The following terms and policies are too applied on all the agreements made with the customer. No customer should expect beyond these terms and policies.

• In the case project is ordered and the team has started work on the project the customer must ask for alteration within the specific time given by the team after that time costumer can’t ask for the alteration.

• In the case, if the customer asks for the alteration in the project, the customer must have to pay for the alteration.

• The customer may ask for free alteration if the project is not been made according to specification by the order.

• If the customer asks for the refund after the project is delivered according to the order specifications that refund is rejected.

• The refund is accepted only when the teams fail to fulfill the specifications ordered by the customer.

• Refund is accepted if the team fails to deliver the project within the delivery time.

• The refund is accepted when the team is failed to identify the technical issue within the working of the project which has delivered to the customer (it must be noted that refund can only be accepted when it is proven that default is caused by the team’s negligence)

• RSFSOFT focus on the long-term relations, not the project based relations customer may ask for the favors from the team side if that would be possible for the team, we will love to do it.

• For any query email us at info@rsfsoft.com